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Find the fully trained independent tutor of your dreams. You pay tutors directly, so they work hard for you – the customer. Once you are 100% happy with your tutor, we only charge a one-off Relationship Fee of $79.95.

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    Submit an enquiry to all the tutors in your area.

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    Receive replies from available tutors then view their profiles and hourly rates.

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    After three-hours of tutoring, we’ll bill you a one off relationship fee of $79.95.

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Submit an enquiry with every tutor in your city for the subjects you need. Start with one or two main subjects so your enquiry goes to as many tutors as possible. Make sure you include your address, suburb and/or local library so tutors know how far they need to travel.

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You can also contact specific tutors through their profiles. Search below, and then send a message through the contact form on the tutor’s profile page.