Michele Ducray

$50 per hour

  • Initial training 1
  • Nzqa scholarship 1
  • Years with Pencilcase -1
Michele Ducray


Michele Ducray is available to tutor in Ohoka, Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Woodend, Redwood, Avonhead, Ilam, Belfast, Riccarton, Burnside, Cashmere and generally any other suburb (per request). She tutors in students' homes but is generally able to meet and tutor at any of the University libraries or a local library of choice (also per request). She is also available to tutor on weekends.

Education experience and achievements

I have completed both an NCEA education and a Rudolf Steiner education. I attended the Christchurch Rudolf Steiner school during the last few years of high school and was able to experience a different way of learning beyond NCEA. I am now able to integrate these different ways of learning together which has opened me up to a range of possibilities and subjects at University, due to my NCEA grades.

For NCEA levels two and three I received both Merit and Excellence in the Sciences which included Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. I received an Excellence in English for both of those levels as well. I am currently studying the Sciences at the University of Canterbury. As of now, I am majoring in both Geology and Biology but I have also taken many courses in Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, and Astrophysics.

I spent three years abroad in China when I was younger and studied in an American based education system. This experience gave me the opportunity to learn a new language and heightened my love of learning. I have had success stories with quite a few subjects at school ranging from Music to Chemistry. When I was in middle school in China, I received an International Recognition of Academic Excellence signed by Barack Obama.

I managed to obtain an English scholarship through NCEA at the end of my last year at the Steiner school as well. I have received quite a few academic work badges from previous high schools (including St. Margaret's College) and an award for library work. Currently, at the University I am receiving A grades for Geology, Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics which are part of my Science subject requirements for a major. I am taking five courses per semester. I received a notice from the University as well congratulating me on my Excellent grades in Biology which included the overall test results and lab work. I am also a class representative for quite a few of my classes which enables me to interact with and gain feedback from many different students.

I have also recently completed a $5,000 scholarship in Business at the University of Canterbury.

Tutoring experience

I have had many years of experience tutoring in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and English from NCEA levels one to three. I have proven successes in bringing "Not Achieved" students to the level of "Merit" and "Excellence". I also have previous experience tutoring English to a wide array of international students. My duties in this department were to help out in ESOL classes, teach the students how to verbally communicate in English, improve conversation fluency, and the importance of essay structure.

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