Alessandra Connell

$30 per hour

  • Initial training 1
  • Semi dux 1
  • Excellence ncea level 3 1
  • Years with Pencilcase -1
Alessandra Connell


Alessandra Connell is available to tutor in Wellington Central, Kelburn. She tutors in the Wellington public library and Victoria University library.

Education experience and achievements

I attended St Mary's College in Auckland from year 7 to year 13, and graduated in 2016 as Proxime Accessit to the Dux. I gained all three levels of NCEA with excellence endorsement.

I gained straight excellences for all internals that I sat in level 3 NCEA. I gained level three English, History, Religious Education, Social Studies with excellence endorsements, and French and Calculus with merit endorsement. I was awarded first in History and Social Studies, and Honours in Religious Education and English. I also gained a principal's award for significant effort in Calculus.

I achieved 106 excellence credits in level 2 NCEA. I endorsed Mathematics with Externals, Physics, Religious Education, History and Art History and French with Excellence. I gained English with Merit endorsement. I was awarded honours in History, English and Art History in year 12, and a principal's award for significant effort in Mathematics with Externals.

At level 1 NCEA I endorsed Mathematics with Externals and Science with Excellence. I also endorsed History, English, French, Economics and Religious Education with

I am currently a first year student at Victoria University, completing a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Psychology, with a minor in either History or French. I gained the Victoria University Excellence Scholarship for my study.

Tutoring experience

In 2016 as a year 13 student I was a peer tutor for year 8 Mathematics and French. As a peer tutor I had weekly sessions in which I helped my student with her maths and French homework and problems that she was having in class. I also was a peer support leader, helping to integrate a class of year 7s into high school. This helped me in relating to and helping students of a younger age, occasionally helping out with academic needs when needed. I have spent many hours aiding friends who were struggling to pass, mainly in Maths, throughout NCEA. These experiences not only taught me how to relate to younger students but how find ways of enjoying difficult content, and finding different ways to explain concepts when the initial teachings in class have not made sense.

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