tutor training

Pencilcase provides systematic training for tutors. The training programme is built on a basis of business coaching, neuroscience, mentoring, pedagogy, linguistics and social psychology. Our website provides a space for trained tutors to list their services, and connect with parents and students.

Find out more about the tutor training in our 2017 book Peer Tutoring: A training and facilitation guide published by the New Zealand Council of Educational Research.

Peer tutor training cover

Jesse also publishes research into tutoring and coaching studying how social interaction operates. You can see the abstracts for some of these research papers here:

Pirini, J. (2016). Intersubjectivity and Materiality: A multimodal perspective. Multimodal Communication, 5(1), 1–14.

Pirini, J. (2014). Producing Shared Attention/Awareness in High School Tutoring. Multimodal Communication, 3(2), 163–179

Pirini, J. (2013). Analysing business coaching: Using modal density as a methodological tool. Multimodal Communication, 2(2), 195–215.

All of the tutors listed on our site have completed our tutor training. Feedback from parents, students and tutors show that our tutor training programme ensures the best quality tutoring.


Education consulting

We provide educational consulting for various education, funding application, training, evaluation and tutoring projects. Contact us to speak about your project and our potential involvement.