What to expect in a tutoring session

For parents


All of our tutors attend our tutor training, so you can expect a consistently high standard of tutoring. Tutors learn a comprehensive methodology to help students succeed at school.

Tutoring is an interactive process that focuses on the learning relationship created between the tutor and the student. The tutor helps the student to think about their personal goals, desires and dreams. The tutor helps the student to relate these to his or her educational goals and experience. In this process the tutor encourages the student to become more self-aware by understanding his or her strengths, values and interests.

Building on a strong tutoring relationship the tutor structures sessions so that the student can explore their learning in a safe, and challenging environment. Students learn to extend themselves and to be comfortable with getting the ‘wrong’ answer as they explore knowledge. Tutors assess student strengths and weaknesses and develop plans to address areas that need work.

Some techniques a tutor will use include:

  • Regular quizzing to solidify basic skills
  • Asking deep explanatory questions to link content to a wider context and promote exploratory thinking
  • Promoting reflection to recap learning and enhance confidence by directing student attention towards progress
  • Modelling basic processes
  • Assessing prior knowledge through discussion and/or testing
  • Holding students accountable by returning to the sense of agreement (the reason for tutoring – established in the initial sessions)
  • Sharing session summaries with parents so that the whole family is involved in the student’s educational journey

Find out more about how to train tutors in Jesse’s book: Peer Tutoring: A training and facilitation guide