2016 NCEA exam timetable

NCEA 2016 Exam Timetable The 2016 NCEA exam timetable is out. Access it here Preparing for exams early Find out when your exams are (see timetable above) Gather practice exams for each of your subjects Learn how to do practice exams properly Speak with your tutor about specific approaches to preparing for exams that will … Continued

Student agency Part 1: What is agency?

In this series of posts we will explore what agency in education means, and how parents can provide their students with opportunities to express agency, and how tutors can do the same. Part one introduces the concept of agency and its link to motivation. I once worked at a job in a museum. I was … Continued

Grit: The secret sauce of success

  Find out what grit is, how it can help you…and then take the test!   Angela Lee Duckworth is a psychologist. However, she started off her career as a business consultant. She studied at an Ivy League college in the US, took a scholarship to Cambridge University in the UK, and then joined a … Continued

Cheat sheets

This revision technique will be useful for all NCEA subjects, and particularly so for those you haven’t understood or remembered well. This post contains a list of recommended resources. For this task you can use a combination of school textbooks, any notes that you have taken, your tutor’s help, online resources, and possibly extra textbooks. … Continued

How to do a practice exam

Past exam papers are the most useful tool for getting ready for your exams. This is because they require you to write what you’ve learned in exactly the same way that you’ll need to on the big day. NZQA posts past papers for every subject on this page of their website in PDF form. We … Continued

Setting realistic study timetables

Our daily habits are the framework for everything we do in life. If you want to get good at guitar, for instance, or become a great runner, you have to some practice almost every day. That is only going to work if you balance all of your commitments and interests well. So many of us … Continued