Science Tutoring for NCEA and Cambridge

Covering the bases

Our science tutors are all specialists in their fields, continuing to study science at university with great success. They’ve also been trained in methods designed specifically for NCEA and Cambridge science tutoring. These methods are supported by fantastic research, and include the following:

  • Using quizzing effectively (to introduce topics and to review them)
  • Asking deep explanatory questions
  • Helping students to make connections between abstract ideas and concrete examples
  • Helping students effectively manage their study time.

The Details: What Our Science Tutors Know

The New Zealand high school science curriculum is about learning the foundational skills needed to learn more about the natural world. These include skills in research, communication, experimentation and understanding natural systems. The curriculum aims to capitalise on every student’s natural curiosity, giving them a taste of how their worlds can be explored through science with a thorough introduction to scientific method, as well as the fascinating content each scientific discipline has to offer.

In Years 9, 10 and NCEA Level 1/IGSCE science, students participate in a general overview course. This overview covers the three major areas listed below, as well as geology, astronomy, human biology and electricity. Some schools offer a general overview at NCEA Levels 2 and 3 as well, but most students split off into the specific discipline that interests them the most, at NCEA levels 2 and 3 or at CIE AS, A2 and A levels: biology, chemistry, and/or physics.

For more information on our approach to these specific disciplines, click here:

Meet some of our Science tutors