Maths Tutoring for NCEA and Cambridge

From BEDMAS to String Theory

Our maths tutors are skilled at tutoring the general curricula of all levels of maths, from junior high school to the highest levels of NCEA and Cambridge maths. All of them studied maths at these senior levels and continue applying this knowledge at university, in a wide variety of tertiary fields for which maths is vital. We have tutors using statistics for subjects such as economics, psychology and social policy, and others applying calculus and other maths talents to engineering, science, computer science and the humanities. This means they understand just how important maths learning is and help students to realise this too.

Our tutors are also trained in methods designed specifically for maths tutoring.

These methods are supported by fantastic research, and include the following:

  • Using quizzing effectively (to introduce topics and to review them)
  • Asking deep explanatory questions
  • Helping students to make connections between abstract ideas and concrete examples
  • Helping students effectively manage their study time.

The Details: What Our Maths Tutors Know

The New Zealand maths curriculum gives students a fantastic grounding in mathematical knowledge and processing. Our maths tutors know this well. All of our maths tutors studied NCEA or Cambridge maths within the last few years, so they are very familiar with the ins and outs of tutoring maths for each curriculum. This is supplemented with regular training and up-to-date resources. At year 11, students cover algebra, trigonometry, geometry, measurement, number, probability and statistics. The year 12 maths curriculum adds an introduction to calculus. Following this, at year 13, students split off into calculus or statistics. As such, the course moves from a general foundation to a more advanced study in mathematics.

Meet some of our Maths tutors