English Tutoring for NCEA and Cambridge

Beyond Shakespeare

Our tutors all participate in training that is designed specifically to help them tutor English for NCEA and Cambridge students. We cover well-researched English tutoring methods for helping students with all the forms of internal assessment, as well as basic writing skills such as grammar and paragraphing. Needless to say, we’re also very confident at helping with essay writing, and the most common question asked of English tutors: how to study for an English exam.

The Details: What Our English Tutors Know

The New Zealand English curriculum gives students a fantastic grounding in communication, critical thinking, and knowledge of literature. Our English tutors know this well. All of them studied NCEA or Cambridge English within the last few years, so they are very familiar with the ins and outs of tutoring English for each curriculum. This is supplemented by us with regular training and up-to-date resources.

Both NCEA  and Cambridge English is about establishing vital life skills in communication, comprehension, analysis and creativity. The curricula covers a wide range of subjects and has high expectations of students’ performance. Examiners and internal assessors expect English students to develop the ability to analyse and critically respond to written and visual texts, and to craft their own pieces of work with great fluency and coherence.

The courses cover five main areas:

  • Genre study (novel, poetry, short story, theatre and film)
  • Creating meaning (writing formally and creatively, plus visual communication and speech-making)
  • Research (NCEA)
  • Close reading of unfamiliar texts (NCEA)
  • Developing personal reading habits (NCEA)

Meet some of our English tutors