Biology tutoring for NCEA and Cambridge

Evolution in progress

Our biology tutors are all specialists in their fields. Many are continuing to study biological science at university, from subjects such as New Zealand ecology to medical science. They’ve also been trained in methods designed specifically for tutoring biology with students of both NCEA and Cambridge.

These methods are supported by fantastic research, and include the following:

  • Using quizzing effectively (to introduce topics and to review them)
  • Asking deep explanatory questions
  • Helping students to make connections between abstract ideas and concrete examples
  • Helping students effectively manage their study time.

The Details: What Our Tutors Know

The New Zealand curriculum for biology is an advanced course in life sciences, focusing on learning skills in biological research, understanding natural systems, and communicating complex scientific ideas in long form. Biology students cover cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology and human biology. The course gives them a fantastic grounding for future scientific careers, as well as great frames of knowledge for understanding the world around them.


Meet some of our Biology tutors