The tutoring methodology

  We have developed a comprehensive approach to tutoring based on work in business coaching, psychology, pedagogy and neuroscience. The tutoring approach is specifically designed to promote a strong tutoring relationship between the tutor and the student, and then to find the right balance between guiding the student and providing them with opportunities to explore and express agency. … Continued

How you can achieve peak performance

Malcolm Gladwell popularised the 10,000 rule for excellence. He argued that anyone who had reached a world-class level of excellence had spent 10,000 hours practicing. That equates to about three hours per day, for 10 years straight – with no days off. In many cases people reach a level of excellence in their late teens … Continued

Grit: The secret sauce of success

  Find out what grit is, how it can help you…and then take the test!   Angela Lee Duckworth is a psychologist. However, she started off her career as a business consultant. She studied at an Ivy League college in the US, took a scholarship to Cambridge University in the UK, and then joined a … Continued

Setting realistic study timetables

Our daily habits are the framework for everything we do in life. If you want to get good at guitar, for instance, or become a great runner, you have to some practice almost every day. That is only going to work if you balance all of your commitments and interests well. So many of us … Continued